Chair Mat Kit


Sit down and relax! The Earthing® Chair Mat connects you to the earth’s energy through the grounded port of your wall outlet while you work, eat, and socialize.

Dimensions: Top: 11″ x 12″ Bottom: 12″ x 12″

Double Kit Includes:

  • 2 Earthing Chair Mats
  • 2 Coil Cords
  • 2 US Safety Adapters
  • Outlet Checker
  • Free Earthing Book (1 per order)

4 Mat Kit Includes: 4 Chair Mats, 4 Coil Cords, 4 US Safety Adapters, 2 Outlet Checkers
6 Mat Kit Includes: 6 Chair Mats, 6 Coil Cords, 6 US Safety Adapters, 3 Outlet Checkers
8 Mat Kit Includes: 8 Chair Mats, 8 Coil Cords, 8 US Safety Adapters, 4 Outlet Checkers

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Product Details


  • Snap one end of the Coil Cord onto the connection tab of the Earthing® Chair Mat.
  • Place the Chair Mat on the seat of your chair or couch. The black side will face up. The blue side will face down.
  • Test your wall outlet to make sure it’s grounded. Follow the directions to the right.
  • Plug the Safety Adapter into the grounded wall outlet.
  • Push the other end of the Coil Cord firmly into the Safety Adapter.

For optimum effectiveness, we recommend either direct skin contact (such as when wearing shorts or a skirt) or keeping clothing layers to a minimum as much as possible. For example, if you are wearing a long sweater or sweatshirt, tuck it out of the way so you’re not sitting on it.


Double kit, 4 Mat Kit, 6 Mat Kit, 8 Mat Kit


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