Large Portable Relaxation Backjack Chair


Relax in comfort with this portable, adjustable, 100% grounded BackJack chair. Set it up anywhere for some quiet meditation time, a comfy reading spot, or a fun game night around the coffee table. Its convenient travel strap makes it a great companion for outdoor sporting events on the lawn or bleachers. It’s easy to set up and easy to fold. It also has a detachable lumbar support pillow for back or hip support.


  • 1 Large Portable Relaxation ChairĀ 
  • 1 Detachable Lumbar Support Pillow
  • 1 Outlet Checker
  • 1 Coil Cord
  • 1 Safety Adapter (U.S. Version)


  • Patented 100% Conductive Carbon Grounded Material
  • Ergonomically designed to make seating more comfortable
  • Detachable pillow use for additional lumbar support or to sit on to ease hip discomfort
  • Foldable with handle for easy transport


  • Height: 24 inches
  • Length: 30 inches
  • Width: 18 inches
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