Safety Adapter U.S. (Type B Wall Outlets)


This adapter is for TYPE B wall outlets which can be found in: The United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and parts of the Caribbean.

To use this Adapter:

Step 1: Ensure your three-prong wall outlet is grounded. Test it with the Outlet Checker included in your order.

Step 2: Plug the Adapter into the wall outlet.

Step 3: Push one end of the Earthing® Coil Cord firmly into the Adapter. Snap the other end of the Coil Cord onto your Earthing® product. You’re ready to get grounded!

Please Note: If your wall outlets only have two prongs, then there is no Earth/ground present. In this case, you must use an Earthing® Ground Rod or have an electrician come in and ground your outlets.


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